Friday, September 13, 2013

12 Corners Coffee Shop

12 Corners is a hidden gem tucked away in the Lower EastSide of New York City. It is a place to sit, relax and watch the world go by…witha Cup of Joe that is. While I usually like to take the credit for discoveringgreat foodie finds, my boyfriend Alex gets all the credit on this one. Wefrequently take the bus from Chinatown to Pennsylvania to visit our familiesand that is when Alex came across this great spot.

 12 Corners is a cozy coffee shop with limited seating but itseems to be just enough. What I love most about this place is mini library onthe back wall. I love that they encourage the busy people on New York City tohave a cup of coffee or tea, gab and book and take a breather. The menu isshort and sweet containing coffee standards like lattes, cappuccinos, hotchocolate and iced Americanos. They also have a few pastries to choose fromsuch as muffins and chocolate chip banana bread.

Our favorite thing here, hands down, is the vanilla latte. Itssweet and delicious and when paired with a book from the mini library it’s allyou need for a relaxing afternoon.

Check this place out for yourself at 155 East Broadway, NY,NY 10002. They are open Monday- Friday 7am-7pm and Saturday-Sunday from 8am-6pm.Drinks range from $2.25-$5. And don’t forget to tell them Hungry White Girl sent you! 

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